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About us

 At Urban Styles Chicago, LLC we strive to provide our customers the most up-to-date fashion trends at reasonable prices. As you shop you will soon realize that most of our inventory prices range well below triple digits. In addition, we also pride ourselves in providing the most outstanding customer service!


A little more about the founder: 

The founder of Urban Styles Chicago, LLC is a first-generation Latina born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up miles from the Fashion District in Los Angeles, she was exposed to the fashion industry at a very young age, and is one who has an eye and passion for fashion. In 2014 she moved to Chicago, Illinois where she quickly noticed the limited women's fashion stores in Chicagoland. Her vision is to create a women's fashion apparel boutique where women can shop the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank. She is now turning her dream into a reality by bringing you all the most up-to-date fashion trends available at the convenience of a touch of a button.